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and it was in deep and out of the end zone. kansas state with it at the 25. >> charles: they're going to rely on their defense. >> gus: let's go downstairs to julie alexandria. >> julie: i just caughtfensive coordinator mike stoops saying, keep your heads up. keep yourselves together. you've got to go out there, and you've got to play. get yourselves geared up and keep playing on. >> charles: if they're playing on, they can't give up first down. just one time-out left, they can't allow kansas state to complete any kind of drive and run this clock out. they're counting on a chance to get the froobl back. >> gus: first down and ten for collin klein and kansas state. running the football. mcfarland.
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each team with one time-out remaining. kansas state, three scoring drives. they've held the ball for 6:59, 2:34. and 4:32. second down and 11. klein. wants to throw it. clock stops. 3:32. third down and 11. >> charles: that's a good play on defense by oklahoma. they took away the primary target. he wanted to go. tramaine thompson after the fake in the secondary. and oklahoma took that option away from him. third down and 11 at the 24. the sooners, they feel the momentum swinging. they've got a chance
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to get the rock back right here. kleier the middle. klein, first down k-state! what a play! tramaine thompson on third and 11, picks up 13. >> charles: watch wort in the middle and watch the route. nothing on him, he gets past him, first down. >> gus: a fresh set of downs for the wildcats. 2:56 away.
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chops down. javon harris, after a five-yard pickup. don't forget coming up next. erin and the guys with the at&t post-game show. joey harrington and the heisman trophy winner eddie george. >> charles: if you leave more than five seconds on the play clock, you're doing your team a disservice. let it bleed down. >> gus: second down and five. klein to hubert. and hubert will gain 2 1/2. and a time-out called. oklahoma, out of time-outs, trailing
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24-19. whether it's kevin's smartphone... mom's smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier. introducing at&t mobile share. one plan lets you share data on up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. add a tablet for only $10 per month. the more data you share, the more you save. at&t. >> gus: collin klein, masterful performance this eveni as the leading man for kansas state. wildcat now faked with a third down and three. oklahoma out of
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time-outs. >> charles: they've got to keep the ball in the hands of number 7, quarterback run game here. do or die for the sooner defense, right here. right now. >> gus: now kansas state will call a time-out. take a look at what's transpired here in the second half. >> charles: bell-dozer makes his second appearance of the game. this time is worked. blake bell is in the end zoep. but collin klein, the information for the bell-dozer, does what he does best, gets in. hubert finds his way through. and then landry jones steamed down 24-13. leaves him with a big drive and hits sterling shepard for a score that leaves us where we are now at 24-19. >> gus: the most important statistic, the story of this game, turnovers. >> charles: look at the points off of them for kansas state.
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17 of of the three takeaways. oklahoma normally takes it away from their opponent. hero on the evening. in the time-out situation also. it's now come into play. >> gus: third down and three at the 43. kansas state has converted three third downs in a row. klein hesitates. klein. first down wildcats. >> charles: no one has any time-outs left. either side. so oklahoma can't stop them at all. with collin klein now picking up the first down of the game.
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24-19. >> charles: remember no time-outs for k-state. >> gus: they're just getting to the line of scrimmage. looks like they'll take a knee. they try to bleed this one out. that's what he does. >> charles: it's the right play, but no time-outs left for oklahoma. the clock should run out for them. >> gus: how about this? the at that poiteacher snyder, comes into oklahoma, and session in again for his former pupil, bob stoops. major upset in college football. last week usc falling to stanford in palo alto on fox sports. this week kansas state coming into non. and they're 34 seconds away from upsetting the oklahoma sooners.
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>> charles: should not have to take another step. now bob stoops had been 7-1 to get bill snyder. >> les: the stream for oklahoma comes to an end. >> gus: 24-19 kansas state. what a performance. let's take you to erin andrews and the fox studio for the at&t fox college saturday post-game show. >> guys, thanks so much. another great one. this week collin klein said there's a fire in us. we want this game. kansas state beating oklahoma for the first time at home since
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1997. coming up next, on the at&t post-game, we'll break down everything. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack ybags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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but what about the strategy... the teamwork... the execution... that is logistics. and that... is what we do.
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things have never been higher. make sure you tune into "being liverpool" sundays on fox soccer. they're celebrating, and they deserve it. kansas state ends a five-game losing streak to oklahoma. what an impressive win to go into norman and beat the
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sooners. to recap it all, welcome into the "at&t post-game show," erin andrews, eddie george, joey harrington. the story of the game seems to be the turnovers, three of them by the oklahoma sooners. kansas state took advantage of that. they scored 17 points off of them. landry jones fumbled twice and had an interception. he seemed rattled. >> he did seem rattled. he did what he wanted to work on in this off-season. didn't step up into pressure. got flushed out. got rattled. caused a fumble. caused a bad throw and interception. he needs to work on that. that's been his sticking point. that's been his down fall, how he handles pressure in the pocket, and it got to him today. >> kansas state took advantage of that. you said before this game, eddie, the wildcat, they don't play a pretty game. and you like that. >> and it wasn't a pretty game to watch. from my perspective, it was. john hubert, a huge game.
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123 yards on 12 carries. capitalized on the turnovers, won time of possession, and they go in and get the victory tonight in oklahoma. great job. >> biggest thing we wanted to see is how oklahoma would respond when k-state kind of popped them in the mouth, and they weren't able to. let's check out other highlights. marquee matchup, michigan in south bend, guys. >> that's right. denard robinson has this pass intercepted by manti te'o. one of five interceptions by denard robinson tonight. notre dame would turn this into a field goal, putting them up 3-0. tommy rees came in, second quarter in this ball game, takes it in for a touchdown himself. that's the first rushing touchdown of his career. later on, tommy rees stays in, throws the icer to tyler eifert. 38 yards up the right sideline to ice it. notre dame would run out the clock and win this one 13-6. notre dame with a big win. another ugly type of win for eddie. >> how about what florida state has done to clemson? >> a ton of action down in tal
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haas wee. sammy watkins finds andre ellington for the 52-yard score. clemson u28-14. looks like clemson is rolling. e.j. manuel strikes back, finds rasheed green in the corner of the end-zone for the nine-yard touchdown. fsu down 21-14. then another touchdown. fsu up 42-31. >> their offense has really bounced back. we were watching this game, and you were just saying, clemson, make a tackle. make a tackle here. don't forget to log on to for the at&t player watch. coming up on x, you have late local news, except on the west coast. tomorrow on "fox nfl sunday," howie evaluates the 49ers offensive weapons. our pam oliver will sit down with atlanta's tough guy. and we've got a few surprising
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matchups between undefeated teams. who will go home with a loss in week three? find out tomorrow at noon eastern/9:00 a.m. pacific on fox. and a couple games to keep your eye on include tony romo and the cowboys trying to ride the chicken home versus the buccaneers. as well as randy moss and the 49ers heading to minnesota. then in the afternoon, philly comes to arizona and falcons at san diego. coverage begins atoon eastern/9:00 pacific. there was really a battle in the town tonight, and kansas state comes out on top. this was only the second time in 32 games that kansas state has defeated an oklahoma team ranked in the top ten. the wildcats. as for us, another big time, big 12 game next week. texas versus oklahoma state. for eddie george, joey harrington, i'm erin andrews. enjoy the rest of your saturday night. 3-------
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------- a perry hall student fights back to get on his feet. daniel borowy's amazing recovery amid a sea of supporters. -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------- --------- and a security guard is shot in an armed robbery but still tackles his suspect. how a crowd of bystanders ended up saving the guard'ss life. p-------------------------------
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--------- 3 3 we start tonight with brraking news out of east baltimore. where police say someone opened fire on a man in the four thousand block of wilsby avenue. homicide detectives the chest by at least five n - rounds of gunfire. the pictim wassraced to shock trauma where, right now, he's currently ii emergency surgery. we have no word at this hour about a motive orr a suspect. good evening, i'm jeff abell. abell. and i'm karen parks. daniel borowy was shot n the first &pday of classes at perry haal high school. school. tonight he is back home among his recovery. myranda stephens was there today as daniel took to the water... she joins us now from perry hall high school. schhol. &pmyranda: the parents of danie borowy say they don't know if their son remembers the horror that took place last month here at perry hall high school. they're just grateful
11:21 pm
their son is alive... and starting ovee. out of the hospital... and on a boat. daniel borowy's life ... is slowly getting back to normal. rosemary/mom 637 it means a &plot. the support for daniel 17-year-old perry hall high -3 schoollstuden'ts world was turned upside down last month... when police say a inside the school... on the first day of class. daniel was shot in the back... and hospitalized for weeks. milton/dad 915 to know that everything he's going through everything's that happened it is nothing short of a miracle 20 today... daniel made his being released from the e hospital just days was a boat party and fundraiser off hart-miller island near essex. the money raised goes &pto daniel's family to help pp bills. 2213 finally got to mmet him today and he's a joy . he really is. he's a sweetheart 16 most who donated... haddnever even met &pthe teen. debbie/sponsor 2148 we waana do anything we can to
11:22 pm
help daniel beeause it's goingg to be a little bit of a long haul. not on ly the phsycial healing but the emotional 555 but so far so good... according to daniel's parents.. rosemaay 1005 he haa to have his wounds cared for twice a day which he's not fond of, but for the most part, i mean he came home and was almoss like the same boy that left 17 as for their thoughts on accused shooter.... 15-year- old robert gladden... milton 13:40 we're still in step one and that's danny and that's it 45 the borowys say their only focus... is getting tteir son back on track. mmlton 900 there is room out there for prayer and this is proof of t 05 myranda: organizers hope to raise at least 2-thousand dollars from the fundraiser. daniel's parents say he's eager to get back to school... and will do so... once docttrs give him the okay. the frieeds aad relatives of former baltimore businessman robert clay, are calling on washington to rropen the case. the influentiallcontractoo was pound shot to death at his reservoir hill office six
11:23 pm
years ago. ago.and though the medical suicide....his riends say phere's too many unanswered questions... and are calling on attorney general eric holder to re-open the case. (4:00) (cheryl clay) himseef. he oved life and hh loved people....we gonna fight til we get 3justice." justice.. those fighting to reopen the case will hold a news conference in washington next month. 3 we have an update to breaking news we brought you last night from east baltimore. baltimore. a man died last night in police custody. officers say the man swallowed some drugs after he was arrested. they aatempted to revive him and rushed him to johns hopkins where he died. the death remainn under investigation. officers open fire on a baltimore after the suspect allegedlyyshot another man. man. it happened just after midnight in the 22 hundred investigators say the suspect -
11:24 pm
haddshot another man when an officer heard the gunfire and opened fire. thh gunman escaped and is still on the run tonight. the victim is in critical conditon. 3 a johns hopkins student is slammed by a taxiithii afternoon as she crossed avenue. it happened late this afternoon in the heart of campus.. a diamond cab driver turned left n to university from charles at high speed according to witnesses. the woman was in the crosswalk when she was struck, thrown into the windshield, thhn onto the asphalt. witnesses say it's an incredibly dangerous intersection. 3708 i didn't see her get hit, i just saw her lying there... oc: where she was 63730 which is johns hopkins - 63835 i didn't know what
11:25 pm
to think, i'm histerical oc: my first eactino is i have to stop and go over to make sure that person is okay 63855 63855 the woman has a broken arm and a concussion but is expected to recover. several similar accidents last school year caused baltimore police to patrol the intersections around campus heavily. &pthere'' no wood on wheeher this latest incident will bring bout a similar response or an iitersection channe. a 22-year old is under aarest in prince george'ss county accused in the baseball bat beating of an elderlyymann man. police say justin charles strong attacked a 72-year old man as he waiiee road. investigators say - the suspect was upset when the victim refused toohand over suspect went on the aatack -
11:26 pm
wwth an aluminum bat. that'' who they said attacked this older man last sturday, what do you think of a man who would beattup a 72 year old mmn with a baseball bat? that's horrib, that's horrible, he's a coward, a coward, i have no sympathy for him at all, i'm 72 myself". mysslf". the victim is in stable condition tonight. the suspect is charged with atteepted murder. almost a week ago tonight, a baltimore man died in a house fire.firefighters say the home did not have a working smoke ddtector.paul geesler rrports why firefighters went back to the homeetoday. today. ast. chief jefferr segal, baltimmre city fd: "it could have been avoided." firefighters gathhr outside a home on northwest baltimore... segal: "we wanna make ure it doesnnt happen on that side of the street, or the next block over."so, too, do sympathyy balloons... after the homeowner died last weeeend in a fire.neighbor: a real trrgedy. a real tragedy." donald robinson, nw baltimore: "yeah, down the street, it was firefighters now confirm the homm on woodland avenue did
11:27 pm
not have a working smoke detector.(knocks on door)so, baltimore firefighters went door- to- door. not just in this neighborhood.(knocks on door))ut, all around the city-- ast. chief jeffery segal, baltimore city fd: "every boot we have, we have on the ground right now."to ensure people have working smoke detectors.weslee lashley, nw baltimore:"well, it's not a good feeling. definitely not a good feeling."wesley lashley got a new smoke deteetor in his home.pump operator vinnie bailey: "it helps that it's free, too."anybody in the city can get one installed... at no charge.pump operator vinnie bailey: (talking to donald) 15.19 "sometimes people forget to put the battery in.""arlier people died in fire---no smoke detectors there either. either. that beeping sound will have &ppesley covered for the next ten years.wesley lashley, nw baltimore: "yee sir! much more secure."in northwest baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. if you live in baltimore city and want free smoke petector, just call 3-1-1. it's been 15 years since orioles fans have felt the magic at camden yards...
11:28 pm
and in boston today, ttey had finish.... morgan adsit ng joins us to see if they made it six wins in a row, morgan.... in every oriools ssries... they'vv taught us onn thing. while at times this season doesn't make much sense...they never give up.o's might not get it done in 9...but they're dommnate in extra innings. innings.orioles in boston.... cranks it to right...bounces into the seats for a ground rule double...adam jones scores the go ahead run...o's &padd 3 in the 12th to beat the red sox's thhir 16th strright extra inning win.the best in majors since cleveland won 17 straight in 19-499three of the orioles last 4 games have come down to free baseball.
11:29 pm
big win in extras for the o's...but the yankees can say the same exact thing.their win... and a-l standings. coming up in sports unlimitedd 3 and it was a perfect day for a . game..... it sure didn't feel like the first day of fall.... but is change in the air? air? meteorologist emily gracey is here with the first look at the skywatch fooecast, . 3mily.
11:30 pm
3 looking for a job? we'll show you the two retailers that arr about to hire more than á100-thousandá workers. is not voting equal to selling out your race? the controversial comments that put the áchairman of the congressional black caucusá uuder fire tonight. -------nats of cops ssying back up and sirens------ an armed gunman robs a jewelry store and is taken down by a security guard. the other people that came to this guards aide. anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
11:31 pm
from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year.
11:32 pm
question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. the chairman of the
11:33 pm
congressional blaak caucus is under fire tonight for his raciilll charged comments condemning blacks who don't vot. vote.. as mike kallmeyer shows us why its touched off a &pnation-wide debate. debate. > (( vo ))> at a orum on voting rights thursday - black caucus,,emanual cleaver said he's angry..> (( sot )) 1:14-1:25 runs=11> ep. cleaver: "angry at any african-american who doesn't vote. they are not worth the color if they don't vott. they ought to give us their color back."> (( sot )) 11:36:22
11:34 pm
> williams: "i didn't know color was a credential." > (( vo ))> conservvtive political commentator armstrong williams is also angry. > (( sot )) 11:36:29 runs=11> williams: thh chairman of the cbc can - make such an outrageous, racist, blatant, insensitive statement."> (( sot )) 1:30-1:35 runs=05> ep. cleaaer: "they're african-american credentials need to be snatched if they don't vote."> (( vo ))> thoss supporting chairman cleaver are quick to point out - he did not say 'african-americans who don't vote for obama'.. he was just criticizing those that don't vote..> (( sot )) 11:38:49 runs=06> williams: "then he would ave been insulted by all americann who did not vote. he would have askkd all americans to give their color back."> (( fs ))> we contacted congressman cleaver's office and requusted they declined. ww made the .> saaeerequest to the congressional black caucus and got no response.> (( fs ))> one things is clear - president obama does very well pith african american voters. in 2008 obama got 96% of the vote.> and this year recent polls project 94%

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